August 6, 2016
August 28, 2016


By Coach Dillan

If there was a movie quote I’d pin on these set of boys, it would be General Maximus’ words;

“What we do in Life, Echoes an Eternity”

Head coach Felix knows how to get his team to bring it. I should know as we’ve done our fair share of trench warfare together in days of yesteryear. There was a tourney where Cobra B side (Stingers and newbies) side were up against the favourites (State and 1st team players). Playing in my first 7 a side game, we stunned the favourites and the crowd by scoring the 1st try.

18 years ago…

With Felix holding the scrum, the ball was swung to me (playing at fly-half), and swung quickly down the line to the wing (Michael). We called it the double loop, with the centre looping outside the wing and me inside. It’s a deception play and off the perfectly disguised pass, the ball came inside to me to cut through the seam.

I burst through to draw the opposing fullback and offloaded to the Centre (Lipas) who originally made the outside loop. The defence was Savvy enough to recover to tackle Lipas. Felix came into support recovering the ball and made the final break to score the try with a swallow dive.

We lost the game against the tournament favourites who lived up to their hype. But for an inspired moment, we had everyone holding their breath believing Goliath was going to fall.

That is how I feel every time I hear about or watch the Cobrats U14 team or the U16 team. There’s a spark and steel in them that makes me feel… inspired…. inspired to fight the good fight for the Black and Gold. Never the biggest player in size, but the biggest on the field punching above their weight category.

This remark by Penang Cobrats Coach defines it;

“I watched the most amazing game ever. They took out 6 boys and the other team had to call game.” Says Coach Beau

The U14 team put in a sterling defensive performance at the KL Tiger’s International in June.

It was hard to believe that story. A good tackle requires a precise combination of timing, positioning and commitment PLUS a good dose of aggression. A good tackle stops the ball getting past the gain line. I’ve been on the receiving end of very good tackles before but never enough to take me off the field. So to hear that kind of story? It takes serious commitment and their performance was nothing short of inspirational.

The Cobrats U16 did it in Singapore last December when they had the opposing team bowing in respect to them after the game. I learnt that meaning again recently in a friendly match between Cobrats U16/17 boys vs the Subang Vikings U17/18 boys. Unassuming looking lads whom I thought were going to get their behinds handed to them against a larger set of boys. The score ended in a draw but with the fitter Vikings making a comeback try at the end.

These moments don’t come often, but when they do, it stays with you forever. Moments to draw upon when you’re up against the wall. I can only bow to coach Felix for this lesson learnt.


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