Cobra Club Pic1The Combined Old Boys’ Rugby Association (COBRA) is the rugby club in Malaysia that was established on 8th June 1967 and registered under the Registrar of Societies.

Then, it was a club consisting mainly of local rugby players from different schools, universities and states throughout Malaysia who wanted a home that they can call it their own.

That was the era whereby rugby clubs were spawned by state RUs, sports clubs or the armed forces of mainly expatriate origins.

Since its inception, the founding members; who were already top national rugby players then, further distinguished themselves by leading the club to be a premier rugby club as it is today.

Cobra Club Pic3Prowess in the rugby field is one of COBRA’s strength. The others are innovation and organization.

It was COBRA that introduced rugby 10s to the world. For the past four decades, the club has organised an annual COBRA Invitational/International Rugby 10s that attracted top local & international rugby clubs.

COBRA rightfully claims it as the Home of Rugby 10s.

The club has always been in the forefront in developing the sport at grassroots level.

The COBRA Rugby Development Program targets, primarily, at schools throughout the country and the teachers-rugby coaches.

In 1996, the club was awarded the National Sports Leadership Award by the National Sports Council of Malaysia for the promotion and development of rugby in Malaysia.

ln 2002, COBRA was awarded the IOC Diploma by the International Olympic Council for her contribution to sports.

Also that same year, COBRA came under the purview of the Sports Commissioner and had her name changed to COBRA Rugby Club.