Cobrats Logo(3.9.13)


Cobrats0COBRA Rugby Club has initiated a hugely popular programme of junior rugby for kids from ages 4 -16.

The programme is extremely unique in nature enabling even toddlers to be involved in an active outdoor experience.

The sessions are conducted weekly at Padang Astaka from 4.00pm to 6.00pm every Sunday.

It has been a programme fully developed and supported by COBRA and facilitates for kids from walks of life.


Cobrats1Junior rugby is a format of rugby that is developed and targeted on each and every age group primarily focussing on the advancement of the individual based on the physical athletic ability and maturity through each and every year.

The Core values that is instilled and developed in the programme is teamwork, respect, enjoyment, discipline and sportsmanship.

These core values mark the primary differentiator that junior rugby has from all other sporting programme for kids.

Kids learn to run, sweat and roll around in the grass and mud whilst appreciating the essence of physical and outdoor experience at its best.


CobratsCarrying the name COBRATS for the junior rugby
programme, COBRA has embarked on a journey of
now having close to 200 registered kids from all
over Klang Valley and with a branch in Penang.

opening the programme to everyone and attracting
all segments of kids from national to international
schools, COBRA has established one of the rare
few programmes in the country that bridges the
divide between the elites and the masses, the
haves and the have nots – all being in one team, training together and being part of a union.

Cobrats2Coaching in conducted in both English and Malay and everyone is made to be equal.

Today, many kids from distant towns all make their own way to the Sunday trainings as they are enjoying the drills and the programme fully.

Many of these kids are actually feeling the sense of belonging and purpose for the first time in being part of the team.

COBRATS have segmented age groups from Under 5s all the way to Under 16s.

Cobrats3Each age group have their own focused training groups and they have also have been participating in national and international tournaments with sterling performances and results to date.

Do feel free and pop over any Sunday from 4.00pm to 6.00 pm to see what the programme can be like for you or your kids.