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By Coach Dillan You are taught to play the right way, within the rules and spirit of sportsmanship. You expect that should bring you the right results all the time. The U8 team learnt the hard way that it’s not always the case. At the KL Tigers International in June, in a tight game, they


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By Coach Dillan If there was a movie quote I’d pin on these set of boys, it would be General Maximus’ words; “What we do in Life, Echoes an Eternity” Head coach Felix knows how to get his team to bring it. I should know as we’ve done our fair share of trench warfare together


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President’s Blog AGM Message

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Dear Members Next year this beloved Club of ours will be 50 years young. We have pulled through for the last half-century, thanks to the solid foundation our founding fathers laid and the continued support from members, their families, friends and importantly, sponsors. There are members who have also been supporting us financially to ensure

2. Cobra vs Royal Selangor Club

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The British Army left town and three days later, former rival Royal Selangor Club (RSC) was on the menu. This was a peculiar request as it was made on the 13th July by their team manager/coach who insisted that our national players and imports were not fielded so that the game would be more competitive.

The Week That Was – Part 1

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By Cobra Comms The Raya Aidil Fitri celebrations go on for a month in Malaysia and although there were complaints about over-eating (especially beef rendang) from our players and members, that did not stop them from playing two rugby matches during what was a busy week for Cobra Rugby Club, barely two weeks after Hari

Whistles and Wedding Bells

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By Mel Kong Heartiest congratulations to the first girl from the founding team of Cobra Venom to get hitched! One of our brave beauties from the backs, Anis Zakaria, tied the knot with her beau of 8 years, Zaim Zamani in a grand celebration at the Empire Hotel Subang on 27 February 2016. Formidable as


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by Don Dinkums Cobrats attended its’ first tournament of the year recently and turned up with 7 teams in various age groups. The teams were for U6, U7, U8, U10, U12, U14 and U16 age groups playing in the KL Saracens International 10s at the Bukit Kiara Equestrian Club. That translates to approximately 100 players

Legendary COBRA

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By Super Admin “Good morning!” It is a greeting that was accompanied with a smile from a diminutive elderly man, wearing his straw hat, shorts that looked big even on his straw-like legs and socks that were pulled up to his knees. It is a greeting that will not be uttered again after the 23rd