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Dear Members

Next year this beloved Club of ours will be 50 years young.

We have pulled through for the last half-century, thanks to the solid foundation our founding fathers laid and the continued support from members, their families, friends and importantly, sponsors.

There are members who have also been supporting us financially to ensure we keep afloat.

We have also been extremely fortunate that a small band of diehard volunteers have been managing the affairs of the Club and sacrificing their time, even at their own cost.

Col Tommy PicThe Club is no less affected by what is happening around us both nationally and globally.

Times are different, values have changed, and challenges are new.

We need support and inputs from as many as possible.

We also need participation or at least your moral support if your physical presence is not possible.

The Club AGM will be held at 12.30pm on Saturday 20th August 2016.

This is an election year.

First, I wish to appeal to those whose membership has lapsed to renew it.

If your subscriptions have been long overdue, the EXCO has been provided with some parameters within which we can review and decide on it.

We would like to see a good quorum of eligible members participating and voting in our deliberations.

Next, I appeal to all members, ex-members and friends to attend the AGM so that those eligible can decide on the team they wish to see, leading the Club through our second hal-century.

Those not eligible to vote are still welcome to participate and provide inputs. We wish to be as inclusive as possible so long as it is within our constitution and in line with our objectives.

We hope to see your memberships updated and a good turnout on the 20th.

Passion for Rugby