2. Cobra vs Royal Selangor Club

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The British Army left town and three days later, former rival Royal Selangor Club (RSC) was on the menu.

This was a peculiar request as it was made on the 13th July by their team manager/coach who insisted that our national players and imports were not fielded so that the game would be more competitive.

Cobra vs RSC1Peculiar because logic dictates that in any competitive environment, a team is expected to field its best side to gauge its level of performance against a better team.

But then again logic dictates otherwise and dwelling on it too much may ruin a good man’s mental health.

In any case, to play two matches within three days is considered almost suicidal for any rugby club in this country especially for a sport that involves a lot of physical contact.

But being the Club that it is, Cobra obliged and it was agreed by the coaching and team management that the younger, less experienced players would benefit tremendously from some much needed game time.

Cobra vs RSC2Now, bearing in mind, all players from rugby clubs were either on holiday (expatriates) or just returning from Raya (locals), it was a massive undertaking to prepare for a 2nd match in less than 72 hours.

But again, Cobra Rugby Club thrives on these challenges.

The squad trickled into RSC Bukit Kiara Sports Annex with a motley bunch of Legends players, a sprinkling of Blacks & Stingers, plus a few green-horned virgin youngsters who were about to be thrown into the deep-end.

It is exactly when presented with these types of situations that one sinks or swims.

Cobra vs RSC3Syed Ismail Al Ali, the sometime hooker/prop/forward ‘I don’t have the pace’ Legends player was made captain for the day and with only two extra reserve players on the sidelines, it would turn out to be an interesting match.

There are many who would balk at the chance to lead such a mixed bunch, but those who were there to witness the match that day (which included our ‘mascot’ President Tommy Pereira) would have been proud of the way they played and kept pressuring their opponents.

It was a gallant fight for a team that was, at one point, 14 points down and clawed back to within 5 points by the end of the match.

Cobra vs RSC4It was a proud moment for that team which in the end also lost two players to injuries and played three-quarters of the match without any reserves, had a seventeen year-old player who performed as if his life depended on it and more importantly, displayed a spirit befitting any Cobra side.

They may have lost but they certainly gave RSC a run for their money and were close to beating a side that was competing in Division One of the Selangor League.

Not bad for a rag-tag Cobra side.

Not bad at all.



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