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By Super Admin

“Good morning!”

It is a greeting that was accompanied with a smile from a diminutive elderly man, wearing his straw hat, shorts that looked big even on his straw-like legs and socks that were pulled up to his knees.

It is a greeting that will not be uttered again after the 23rd of February 2016 by a man who, in our eyes, can never be equaled in the history of Cobra rugby and dare we say, Malaysian rugby.

It is a greeting that was his signature and with that, Uncle Yeoh had arrived.

Uncle Yeoh 1932-2016Despite his stature, Uncle Yeoh could command anyone with his presence and even titles and wealth did not deter him from lecturing about the finer points in life (and rugby) with a cheeky glint in his eyes but with the seriousness of an elderly statesman.

Many of us have stories of our encounters with Uncle Yeoh and many have shared our lives with him in his almost 84 years of existence and one common factor that always rang true; even when he was upset, he was a true gentleman.

There will be more stories about his achievements as an athlete and rugby man that have been recorded and will be kept in the annals of our minds and history but Uncle Yeoh was never one to brag.

To many of us at the club, he was not just an icon.

He was a class above us all.

He was a man for all seasons.

But most of all, he was the epitome of Cobra Rugby.